High-quality celebrations

Unforgettable celebrations with high-quality ensembles in historically beautiful surroundings.

Successful meetings

The surroundings of Marski maja with competent services guarantee successful meetings.

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Marskin Maja – a unique experience

Situated in the relaxing surroundings of Lake Punelia, the historic hunting lodge of Marshall Mannerheim provides the perfect location for different events, parties or meetings. Here you can enjoy nature, and a fantastic culinary experience, provided by two of Finland’s top restaurateurs.

The restaurant area consists of the main restaurant with about 75 seats, Punelia pavilion with about 70 seats, as well as the Marski sauna. In the summertime both the restaurant and the café are open for all tourists to enjoy a cup of coffee, or a tasteful lunch. Outside of the summer season, the restaurant is open on demand, for different groups. All year long, Marski’s hunting lodge provides an insight into an important historic piece of Finland, and Marshall Mannerheim.

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